Our Services

Pole Maintenance

Integrity Pole Inspections Inc. offers a wide range of inspection and treatment options to our clients. From the most basic binary diagnosis of PASS or FAIL to a comprehensive below ground inspection and installation of preservative pole bandages. Although a basic test only program may be the most cost-effective in the short term, our management recommends a comprehensive inspection and treatment program to maximize the capital investment made into existing assets on the electrical grid.

Maintenance Services:

Excavation Sound Test Resistograph Testing

Moulding Replacements Ground Resistance Testing Digital Photographs

Internal/ External Treatment X-Ray Testing

Bore Test Visual Inspection

Quality Assurance

We perform regular audits on our own work to ensure:

  1. Data is entered correctly and treatment is charged accordingly. This keeps us both on budget and schedule for the task at hand.

  2. Every pole is inspected. We pride ourselves on our pole completion rating as it helps our customers extend the life of their assets.

Locate your Assets

Maintenance records outdated? Missing attribute or location data? No worries...

Our technicians are equipped with high accuracy GPS units and are familiar with using field survey applications like Survey123, Collector for ArcGIS, and EpiCollect to help get your assets into a GIS.